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Retail Data Partners provides data for sales analytics, order operations, and catalog management for vendors on Amazon. Our unique and comprehensive data integrations provide the only source of data to augment or replace manual usage of VendorCentral.

Solutions for Vendors

Robust products to meet your needs as an Amazon Vendor of any size.

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Vendor Analytics
  • Sales, invoice, and PO analytics you can't get in VendorCentral
  • In-depth issue-detection for products and trends
  • Category, brand, and account-level reporting
  • Review management
  • BuyBox monitoring and detection
  • Flexible white-labeling for reps and account manager
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Vendor Data API
  • Alternative integration to VendorCentral EDI
  • Build your own tools leveraging Amazon data
  • Fully-documented and supported RESTful API
  • Instant access to all facets of your vendor data at Amazon - products, invoices, reviews, and more
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  • Excellent support was provided in navigating a situation that could have been really damaging to our sales. By getting a large number of 1 star reviews that were about a 3rd Party Seller's service removed from our product pages, our products reviews and rankings are now restored. Thank you!

    - Ryan C.
    from a Hiking/Camping Gear Manufacturer

  • Awesome work enhancing our product pages by guiding us to understand what images would strengthen these pages, and getting over 500 images added and arranged in a quick and efficient manner. They're looking pretty good now! Thanks for your work on that.

    - Ned D.
    from a Water Sports Equipment Manufacturer

  • Thanks for the terrific detail and diligent work!

    from a Medical Equipment Distributor

  • The best tool we've seen in the space, and we've looked at a lot

    - JC
    from a Sports Equipment Distributor

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