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Content Management and Monitoring

Amazon Vendor tools do not provide any systematic way of updating or monitoring catalog content and health, and too often what’s submitted to Amazon does not match what is being displayed on the product page.

Retail Data Partners' catalog management features help you maintain accurate and up-to-date product listings. We allow you to make bulk catalog changes and monitor your catalog for any attribute discrepancies showing on your product pages, enabling you to proactively address issues.

Recovery Automation

On average, brands lose 4.5% of total revenue due to shortages, price discrepancies, returns and chargebacks, and disputing these losses requires Amazon specific data expertise and significant manual effort, wasting hours of employee time.

Retail Data Partners' robust operations reports and dispute automation capabilities enable clients to locate missing funds and dispute these losses across any region and time frame with a few clicks, helping to recover lost revenue and save valuable time.

Sales Analytics

Amazon's Vendor tools are inflexible and it’s difficult for most brands and agencies to use performance data to drive strategic decisions for their Amazon business and spend hours manually building reports in Excel. Additionally, the tools offer limited BI capabilities. Retail Data Partners' solves for this by offering customized, insights driven dashboards providing you deep actionable insights.

Deep Vendor Insights

Retail Data Partners offers a complete Amazon Vendor solution designed to manage and streamline every facet of your 1P business. In addition to the valuable insights highlighted above, our powerful 1P automation tools enable teams to optimize their forecasting data, advertising analytics, digital shelf management, BuyBox analysis, and more.

Customer testimonials

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We have been using Retail Data Partners for several years now. Our organization needs to be able to view granular-level data when we need it, and RDP gives us the ability to do just so. Additionally, having the dispute management feature has helped us streamline our processes and recover a high amount of lost revenue due to shortages.

No other companies are thinking of Vendor Central tools like Retail Data Partners. I find their Operations reports to be especially helpful in confirming the amount my clients have coming in for the month. And the catalog monitoring features help my team to quickly act on any discrepancies we're seeing.


The ability to customize the dashboard was a big competitive advantage in our decision to move forward

It just took me 6 hours working in excel to do what you’re showing me in these few reports

Leading Consumer Battery Brand

We subscribed for Retail Data Partners' recovery services and are thrilled with the results. Within the first week, we started winning disputes and receiving payments from Amazon for several years old invoices. In just two months, the total amount recovered has surpassed our expectations and we couldn't be happier.

Retail Data Partners has been a game-changer for us when it comes to handling shortage claims. Their platform simplifies bulk disputes, ensuring faster resolutions and maximizing the recoveries. The user-friendly features and their responsiveness to user input make it an integral component of our operations.